2019-2020 West Hills PTSA Board of Directors 

 General Mailbox    

 President  Amy Smith             President@WHHSPTSA.com
 1st VP: Programs  OPEN VP1@WHHSPTSA.com
 2nd VP: Membership Ryan Ramage VP2@WHHSPTSA.com
 3rd VP:  Grad NightMelissa Smith VP3@WHHSPTSA.com
 4th VP:  Ways & Means (Fundraising) OPEN VP4@WHHSPTSA.com
 Recording Secretary     Kandi Ellis Secretary@WHHSPTSA.com
 Treasurer Chimane Santiago Treasurer@WHHSPTSA.com
 Historian     Baylee Smith Historian@WHHSPTSA.com
 Supply Day ChairBeverly JonesSupplyDay@WHHSPTSA.com
Website / Social Media Jessica Snyder Web@WHHSPTSA.com
 Dance / Hospitality     Tina WestergrenHospitality@WHHSPTSA.com
 Auditor OPEN PTSABoard@WHHSPTSA.com
 ParliamentarianAbby FazekasLaws@WHHSPTSA.com

The nominating committee met on 02/09/20 to consider all eligible candidates for the 2020-2021 term of office. On the behalf of the nominating committee, I present the following slate of officers for the association’s consideration. The report of the nominating committee is submitted to the membership in writing at least 28 days prior to the election and reported at the election meeting. The report of the nominating committee must be entered into the minutes of the association.

Report Of The Nominating Committee