What is BENEFIT?
Benefit is an easy new app that you can use to buy digital gift cards right from your smart phone. When you pay with Benefit you are paying with a purpose!

How do I use BENEFIT?
Purchase digital gift cards and instantly redeem them online or in-store for yourself... OR... give the perfect gift to friends or family. Choose from 100s of America’s leading national brands like Starbucks, Target, Walmart (donate to Supply Day!) and Amazon. With "WEST HILLS HIGH SCHOOL PTSA" as your beneficiary group, BENEFIT will donate up to 20% of each us! The funds we receive will help support the many programs that are sponsored, hosted, and organized by the WHHS PTSA. So, you can give - easily - without spending a dime more than the cost of the gift card!

How do I get BENEFIT?
Available on the iPhone App Store and Android App on Google play

*Download the app on your mobile device
*Create a personal account
*Pick beneficiary group - type in "West Hills High School PTSA"

Thank you for your support. When you buy gift cards this way, our West Hills Teachers, Staff and Students will 'benefit'!

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