Welcome to West Hills High School PTSA

West Hills High School PTSA

Welcome "WOLFPACK" Families!

We encourage ALL Parents, Teachers, AND Students to join the Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) at West Hills. 

Parent involvement is important...yes, even in High School.  Ask your student(s) about classes, friends, teachers and projects.  Sign up 

through the school's website to stay aware of grades and academic progress.  And... take an active role at West Hills by joining PTSA. 

PTSA organizes many programs, events and fundraisers.  Your membership fees help to make these things happen, and volunteers are 

essential!  We also help the school and ASB at their events (football games, dances, HOWL Day, Business Day and others...anywhere we are needed.) 

We invite you to browse our site and consider where you might fit in.  Do you have special skills to share?  Would you like to help with a certain 

event?  Can you drop off extra school supplies?   Please see our "Volunteer Opportunities" page and get in touch, below. Whatever you can do... 

however you can help... it DOES make a difference.  

Please contact me.  I would love to chat about PTSA, and how to be involved at our school.  There's a place for you in the West Hills PTSA!

PS: Freshman and Sophomore parents are especially wanted!

Wishing you and your student(s) the best at West Hills, 

Alicia Haddix, President

West Hills High School PTSA


Here are some other ways to find out what's happening at West Hills! 

- Check the school website OFTEN!  It's a brand new design with lots of great information. 

-Get familiar with your child's classes, teachers, and counselor.  You can contact them directly via the staff directory.

-Attend important events like: Business Day, Howl Day / Night (for freshmen), and Back to School Night

-Support our Theatre, Drama, and Music Departments by attending concerts and plays

-Root for the WOLFPACK at our sporting events!  There's baseball, football, volleyball, water polo, golf and more. West Hills has some of the best teams in the area.  

PTSA is a 501(c)(3) Organization.