Q: How much are the tickets?

A: Stay Tuned!

Q: When and where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available on-line or on-campus. SEE BELOW, and plan ahead! **DON'T WAIT TIL THE LAST MINUTE** There are plenty of opportunities to buy tickets. Don't forget to bring your signed forms (see below for details).

ON-LINE: Via PayPal

ON-CAMPUS: Cash - Check - Credit Card. Table will be set up outside Finance Office.

Q: Can I buy a ticket for a student in need?

A: YES - Thank you! It is our hope that ALL SENIORS WHO WISH TO, will be able to attend this event. On the main page, please click on "Click Here to make a Donation" . (If you are a student in need and wish to attend Grad BASH, please talk confidentially with your counselor to learn about our Grad BASH Scholarship Program).

Q: Was the ticket included in the Senior Package from Business Day?

A: No.

Q: What forms do I need to complete and return with payment?

A: WHHS Permission Slip. This form must be printed out, completed / initialed, and returned in-person (even if you pay online with Pay Pal).

Q: What other forms do I need?

A: Universal's Policies / Regulations, Dress Code, and Code of Conduct (3 forms) need to be viewed online and the corresponding lines on the WHHS permission slip initialed by students AND parents. Again, the Permission Slip must be printed out, completed / initialed and returned in-person, no matter how you are paying.

Q: How are we getting to Universal?

A: By chartered buses. Each bus will have chaperones.

Q: What time do I need to get to school? When are the buses leaving?

A: You must be at the "PIT" by 12 noon on June , for check -in, security clearance, etc. BE PREPARED, BE READY, so check-in goes smoothly. We'll get going ASAP. We will leave Grad Bash at 2:00am to come home.

Q: Can I bring food on the bus?

A: NO. But the PTSA does provide snacks and waters!

Q: What can I bring into Universal?

A: You may bring what legally fits into your pockets (ie ID, Phone, Cash/CC,) AND your clothing must follow Universal Dress Code (Jacket, Hoodie, etc). You may NOT bring: backpacks, large purses, etc. Nothing larger than 8.5" x 5.5" (i.e. letter sized paper folded in 1/2). Any other items will be left on the bus, which will not be attended, and you will not have access to it.

Q: What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

A: Dress comfortably and remember it might be chilly after dark. For everyone's protection, the Park does NOT allow any "identifying" clothing: i.e. no school wording or logos, no sports team logos, no school team T-shirts or jerseys; no groups of students dressed in matching attire.

As far as "dress code", if you couldn't wear it to school, you may not wear it for Grad BASH. If chaperones determine you are not dressed appropriately you may be asked to go home and change - if there is time. If not, you may be denied boarding. Please plan ahead. The less time spent on scrutinizing attire, the faster we can get the buses rolling.

Q: What about medications?

A: Prescription medications must be in the original container with patient info (name, dosage, prescribing Dr. on the box). Over the counter (OTC) medicines such as Advil, Dramamine, Tylenol, Midol, etc., must be labeled with your name. All medications must be given to your chaperone for safekeeping. You may also purchase products inside the Park.

Q: Is there any food provided for us in the park?

A: YES! The WHHS ticket price includes the Private Pre-Party, where snacks and drinks are FREE! Also included in the ticket price is a $15.00 food voucher that CAN be used throughout the Park. (Food voucher will be given to you on June 8th)

Q: Should I bring additional money for food and souvenirs?

A: Completely optional, but recommended.

Q: Who do I contact for additional questions or special accommodations?

A: For additional information or special situations please contact