2017 - 2018 SUPPLY DAY for Teachers and Staff

Welcome to the SUPPLY DAY Information Page

**volunteers needed - help a little or help alot**

**we need help getting the word out.. Social Media, Nextdoor.com, Craigslist, etc**

The PTSA collects classroom supplies all year 'round, and distributes them to our Teachers and Staff 

after second semester begins. 

We need your help! 

As you're shopping for your student - just pick up 1 more item and drop it off at school. 

Take advantage of the BIG SALES going on everywhere, right now!


Why do you do this?    Teachers and staff have just a small budget for classroom needs. 

    Supplies run low by mid-year... Many students arrive unprepared... Teachers buy supplies with their family's money.

We don't think that's right.  

Through your contributions, our classrooms can remain well-stocked and teachers can continue to provide an enriching experience for all students... yours and mine. 


What do they need?   Popular requests: Colored Markers, Dry-Erase Markers, Single-subject notebooks, Hi-liters and Sharpies, 

Copy paper (white, colors and card stock), Kleenex, Clorox-type Wipes, Hand Sanitizer and Paper Towels. 

We also get requests for things that can be gently used

Office Chairs, Vacuums (for classrooms), and Gym Equipment for example.

Detailled lists will be on this site in a few months..stay tuned! 

When do you collect?     ALL YEAR 'ROUND!  With major drop-off dates in mid-February

When do they get the supplies?    Usually in early March. Teachers and Staff are so grateful!

How can I help?        Drop off supplies in the front office, give a Gift Card to any PTSA Board Member at any event. 

(Target, Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Costco, Staples, GTM, etc. ), or donate by PAY PAL - See button, below left. 

Note that it's for "Supply Day", and we'll do the shopping. 

*Please check back for details as this year's event develops*


If you like to shop and organize... if you like working with school supplies... if you'd like to get to know our teachers and staff... we'll find a place for you! 

Contact Tina Westergren, 2017-2018 Supply Day Chair, here:  supplyday@whhsptsa.com



Contact ptsaboard@whhsptsa.com if you have any questions.

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