JULY 2018 UPDATE!  it's that time again... 

Guess what....? The SCHOOL SUPPLY SALES are going to hit soon! 
When you go shopping, would you mind picking up an extra pack or two of pencils,
 ball point pens, sharpies, lined paper or copy paper? The prices will be hard to beat.

The PTSA will once again be collecting classroom supplies, and distributing them to teachers and staff during second semester. 

YES the staff has a small budget for supplies to get started; but when those run out.. the PTSA steps in!

They'll also need Lysol-type wipes, Kleenex and paper towels.

Supplies / Donations can be dropped off during business day or ANYTIME (after school starts), 

in the front office. Cash, checks and gift cards (Target, Walmart, Costco, etc.) are also accepted in-person by volunteers.

Questions? Want to work with our Supply Day Team? 

Get in touch with Tina Westergren: 
Thank you, and Go Wolfpack!!!

The PTSA supports our teachers and staff in a BIG WAY with our annual Supply Day Program.  

We collect classroom supplies all year 'round, then help our teachers re-stock their classrooms during 2nd semester. 

So when you shop for BACK TO SCHOOL, would you please pick up (1) more item? 

Pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, copy paper, wipes, kleenex, scissors, staplers and more. 

Drop off in the Front Office, or at the PTSA table at school events. 

Take advantage of the BIG SALES, and support West Hills.

Thank you!

2018 Supply Day was a HUGE success!

Dear Parents and Wolfpack Community:

The PTSA sends out a big THANK YOU!  You donated 100’s of classroom supplies to help our teachers and staff. 

Additionally, we collected money via Pay Pal, cash donations, and gift cards which was used to buy even more supplies and “extras”.

The PTSA filled requests from nearly 50 staff members and most everyone received 100% of what they requested.

 We’d like to share some comments from grateful teachers and staff:

 ~From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your generosity. WHHS PTSA you rock!!!!

~Your efforts are incredible! Thank you for your tireless efforts supporting this cause. We TRULY appreciate it! You’re amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~Thank you to our amazing PTSA for organizing the event and to everyone who donated. Whenever I see students using the supplies, I think of your kindness!


Thank you again!  The process starts again at "Back to School Time", in August.  If you'd like to work with the Supply Day Committee next year, please get in touch. We'll find a place for you!  Contact Tina Westergren @



Contact if you have any questions.