Supply Day

Welcome to the Supply Day Information Page 

Are you organized? Good with details? Like to shop? Want to work with the teachers and PTSA on a really gratifying event? 

The PTSA is actively looking for someone to "chair" this event for 2017 - 2018 school year. 

We have helpers at the ready, to guide and support you. PLEASE CONTACT THE PTSA BOARD (at left).  

SUPPLY DAY 2017 was another HUGE SUCCESS!  Whether you brought supplies to school, or made a monetary donation... we thank you!  

We promoted and collected and organized and counted and shopped very carefully ...

and we're proud to say that teachers received 100% of the standard supplies they requested.   

Here are some comments from grateful staff:  

"Thank you so very very much for supply day! I received all the items on my wish list. Thank you for all you do for us!" 

~Michelle Liddell, English Dept.


"Thank you so much for everything.. it was awesome!" ... Corrie Biggerstaff, Science Dept.


"Thank you thank you for the supplies! I can't believe you were able to fulfill my highliter wish list. 

Because of your efforts I was able to refill my highlighter boxes for all my groups, plus I can now add red pens for corrections.

 I may even have enough kleenex to last through the end of the year (fingers crossed)"

~Laura VanderBurgh, Math Dept.


"This morning, our library aide tested all the markers... threw out the bad ones and replenished them with new ones from you. Our students benefit from the donations. 

Please come and see the library in the future; it is fun to see your kindness in use!"  (complete with photos added, of students using the markers and heavy duty staplers)

~Suzanne Sannwald, Library 


So again, thank you. 

It is only with the support of our wolfpack families and the community, that the West Hills PTSA is able to support our 

dedicated teachers and staff at West Hills in this way. 

"See you next year"




Contact if you have any questions.

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